The organs of Milk is mean to be Color, Flavour and Taste, which is evaluated by sensory and trained RMRD Analysts.

At the time of weighing process, 200 ml of milk is collecting from each agent for tests. FAT & SNF is determined using Electronic Milk Analysers.

In case of any abnormalities found in the tests, the milk is subjected to COB & Adulteration test in which the additives like Water, Salt, Sugar, Starch and Urea were identified. The adulterated milk is strictly rejected in the platform itself.

KC Milk procuring only the quality raw milk from the selected farmers. The collected Milk has certified through a concentrated tests like Organoleptic, COB, MBRT, Alcohol, Adulteration, Preservative, Acidity Tests are done by the Distinguished Quality Control Professionals.

The SNF (Solid Not Fat) determines the quality of Milk. FAT & SNF are tied proportioned to each other. SNF consists of Milk proteins, Minerals, Acids, Lactose, Vitamins & Enzymes.

The price of Milk is usually calculated by its FAT & SNF percentage.

The Quality Assurance Personnel has to certified for further process. The dreadful raw milk will be rejected, if found.