KC Curds are a healthy, universally useful food. It is formed by lactic fermentation of milk. KC Curd is esteemed for its smoothness and its pleasant and refreshing taste. It is highly versatile health promoting and valuable therapeutic foods. Once thought of only as a worthy health food, curd or yoghurt is now the base for tempting frozen desserts and is used as a healthier alternative to cream.

Curd is prepared from Toned Milk and Double Toned Milk. There are two types of Curd Production, Pouch Curd & Cup Curd. The Pouch curd contains 1.5% FAT & 9.0% SNF (Double Toned Milk) . Cup Curd contains 3.0% FAT and 10.0% SNF (Toned Milk).

The Toned Milk has been heated up to 90°C to 95°C and the milk is holded for 6 Minutes with the temperature. After these process, Imported Culture has added as per the Standards at 42° C. After adding culture, the milk is filled to the Cups by the Advanced Imported Filling & Sealing Machine, which has the production capacity is around 7000 cups / hour.

After filling the milk, the same has been stored at Incubation Room for 4 to 6 hours at 42° C (+- 1). Chemical parameters are checked through Microbiology Labaratory at the time incubation. Finally, the Curd is shifted to Blast Freeze Cold Room at -5°C.

Pouch curd is packed in various volumes like 160gm and 500gm pouch. And the Cup Curd is packed in 60gm, 80gm, 100gm & 200gm Cups.