Shree K.CHELLAMUTHU has over 35 years of experience in the Milk Processing industry. KC Milk, The Dairy was established by the founder Shree K.CHELLAMUTHU before 25 years. He initiated the firm by acquired the of raw milk around the villages of the Dindigul District. He commenced his profession through a diminutive workforces.

He was the Director from inception of the Dairy. During his tenure as a Founder, he was responsible for company strategy, strategic direction, long-term planning, and setting the direction of the company’s culture.

During his career, Shree K. Chellamuthu, elevated the firm to the towering position. He trust in “Quality & Service at Right time to the Society”. He has been recognized honorable “Father” of each and every family of the society. He consecrated numerous employees livings by his own earnings. Presently he plays a Roll Model of growing industrialists.