• Pasteurised Homogenised KC+ Full Cream Milk

Nutritional Information

Per 100g. of this Product (Approx)

Milk Fat 6.0g
Lactose 4.9 g
Protein 3.4 g
Calcium 135.0 mg
Potassium 160.0 mg
Sodium 55.0 mg
Energy 76.4 Kcal
FAT 6.0% SNF 9.0%

About KC+ Full Cream Milk

Full Cream Milk means cow milk or buffalo or combination of both, which has been Standardised to fat 6.0% and 9.0% Solids-Not-Fat by the addition of skim milk or by addition or recombined or reconstituted skim milk.

This type of milk is used in the market mainly for commercial purpose like Tea Shops, Hotels etc., rather than the domestic usage because of its high fat content.


KC+ Full Cream Milk is available in different volumes viz. 1000ml and 500ml.