• KC+ Curd - Cup


Indian Curd is a well – known fermented milk product consumed by large sections of the population throughout the country, either as a part of the daily diet or as a refreshing beverage. According to the PFA rules (1976), Curd is the product obtained from pasteurized or boiled milk by souring, natural or otherwise, by a harmless lactic acid or other bacterial culture. Curd May contain additional cane sugar. It should have the same percentage of fat and solids-not-fat as the milk from which it is prepared.


Curd for direct consumption may be further classified into:

  • Whole Milk Curd.
  • Skim Milk Curd.
  • Sweet (or mildly sour) Curd.
  • Sour Curd.
  • Sweetened Curd.


Cup Curd – 60g, 80g, 100g & 200g.